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Providing management assistance to racecourses and horse racing projects is IRM’s ‘bread & butter’.  IRM’s dedicated team bring with them a broad range of skills and experience to any task, whether in the UK or overseas.

IRM’s management consultancy clientele over the years has been quite varied and features both UK and international organisations including, for example: Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain, Kazan Racecourse – Russia, Rothmans Racing - UK, Breeders’ Cup – USA, Equestrian Club Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Association of Irish Racecourses, Dosthovy Spolek a.s. - Czech Republic, SAB Group – Saudi Arabia, Beverley Racecourse – UK and the Hanoi Tourist Corporation – Vietnam.

IRM has worked on a variety of projects across the world ranging from short-term consulting tasks to the provision of a full-time management services. 

The broad range of racecourse management functions on which IRM consults includes:

-          Strategy

-          Finance & Business Planning

-          Health & Safety

-          Organisation Development & Human Resources

-          Racecourse & Equestrian Facilities Development

-          Racecourse Technical and Integrity Services Design

-          Race Programme Planning

-          Media

-          Operations

-          Sales & Marketing

Moreover, IRM can assist with - or handle entirely – your racecourse operations, including raceday (and other events) management, facility general management, business development, financial & administration management, sales & marketing management, health & safety and security management.



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